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​Mobile app

 UI redesign


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With two other teammates, I performed a heuristic evaluation (based on Nielsen Norman Group's 10 usability heuristics) of the Uniqlo mobile app and redesigned the shopping flow to improve the usability of the app. We wanted to challenge the user experience of an existing brand (after all, UX is a constant learning curve for everyone) and build a real-life case study.


  • Project type: team of 3 UX designers

  • Deliverables: heuristic evaluation and mobile app 

  • My role: research, redesign, presentation

  • Duration: 2 weeks​​

  • Skills: heuristic evaluation, UI design

  • ​Tools: Figma



Developed by the Nielson Norman Group in 1994, the 10 Usability Heuristics have become and industry standard for user design. Ratings are from 0 to 4; 0 means no issues, and 4 means an urgent fix is required.

uniqlo heuristics.png

For the purpose of heuristic evaluation, we decided to focus on the shopping flow - searching for an item and checking out. Upon evaluating the Uniqlo mobile app, we found most issues with Visibility of system status, User control and freedom, and Aesthetic and minimalist design.

Screenshots from Uniqlo mobile app

uniqlo visibility.png

Visibility of system status: When an item is added to cart, the pop-up modal doesn't clearly show the item details.

uniqlo control freedom.png
uniqlo aesthetics.png

User control and freedom: The search function is a modal with no back button. Closing it makes the customers lose the search progress.

Aesthetics and minimalist design: The app looks busy and resembles a website rather than a clean, functional mobile app.

There were other design issues that we put on a design prioritization matrix, but given the focus on the shopping task flow, we decided to only fix a few selected issues.

uniqlo matrix.png



To redesign the problematic interfaces, we searched for inspirations from other e-commerce apps. Searching for an item in the Uniqlo app was hard, so we downloaded and used some other high-street fashion apps. Ultimately, we found that Adidas and H&M had something we were looking for.

uniqlo inspirations.png
uniqlo 1.png
uniqlo 2.png
uniqlo 3.png
uniqlo 4.png
uniqlo 5.png
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