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I fought hard to break free of visa status limitations and earn the privilege of career freedom.

I have always been interested in design. When I was a little kid, I took an interest in manga and drew my own comics. In college, I took graphic design courses as part of my electives.

However, it was hard to major in design. The industry is not known to hire international graduates who would need a work visa. As such, I became an accountant.

With my visa status, I couldn't change my career. After 8 years in the States with many visa struggles, I decided to move to Canada. The plan was simple: get Permanent Residency in Canada (which was way easier than the U.S.) and explore a creative career without worrying about visa limitations. After 2 years in Canada, I finally earned that freedom.


With the raging pandemic, I decided it was time to embrace the hard-earned freedom and pursue a creative career. So here I am, telling my story through design, and I'd love to hear yours!

When I'm not UX-ing, I cook, read, write, sing, or explore a new trail in Toronto.

​Also, I'm constantly UX-ing my website, so please send me any feedback you might have.

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